Hello, i have question about the payment method

Hi, i’m an developer from Vietnam, who have interesting with great work of e-com from brazil, i love it.
and i can see that many store of brazil people used e-com alot and i can see their happy face, very happy indeed.
But for me, i want to dev it for my people can use these great app of ecommerce, so i try to find out, but the brazil store is pretty easy while customer could enter de CEP (zip code) and a lot of payment method show off, while the store i dev in english language is didn’t show a thing, until i get back to the cart, and enter the zip code it self, just to make payment method appear.

and that is my problem, i try to dig deep into core code, and it depend alot of core @ecom on npm, and github itself, so i try to posts here, may got some help from Leonardo, and his great team. Love from VN. happy day guy.

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Hi @tiep, how are you?
How is zip code in Vietnam?
You can try Frete personalizado app.
There you can put the range of zip code and price for each region.

yeah vietnam do have zip code, but we not going to use it local, just for foreigners who try to ship thing to vietnam, and we do gave them the zip code in need.

i mean is, @Matheus, is there anyway that could show up the payment custom, like ecomShippingApps = 1253, and the ecomDefaultPaymentApp = 108091. just enter the address, no need to validation the zip code to show payment method?

Hello @tiep , be welcome!

If the postal code field is left blank, it will allow the application to be available for any area. If you want to restrict, just enter the initial and final postal code that will be allowed.

@thais, thanks for that. but i was left blank all the zip code range from Pagamento personalizado and either the Frete personalizado, but it didn’t show up payment method, until i get back to cart and enter zip an when back to the checkout then it show. that where i stuck and try hard to let it there. Please help.

Did you already tried to insert an zip code like 10000-000 with js to validate zip code? There is another ways to do. Like replace components with https://developers.e-com.plus/storefront/docs/customization.html#replace-vue-components. With that, you can take a component from checkout and exclude the validation from zip code. You can edit html EcCheckout component and his js https://github.com/ecomplus/storefront/blob/master/%40ecomplus/storefront-app/src/components/html/EcCheckout.html and https://github.com/ecomplus/storefront/blob/master/%40ecomplus/storefront-app/src/components/js/EcCheckout.js. So you can edit just like you want.

If you have more doubts, let me now that i can help you.

Thanks so much @Matheus, i am working on it, as you can see live here, thanks a lot your advice is helpful for me. https://cytimy.com

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You’re welcome